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Deck and Railing building is and will always be our passion here at McGibbon Construction. We pride ourselves on impeccable deck building skills and our extensive experience on the various shapes and sizes of Decks and railings. Due to our unmatched deck building skills throughout the Bay Area, our company have evolved into a full service framing and concrete company as well. Please take a look at all the services we provide. We are more than happy to provide you with just one of these services, or all of them. Whichever serves your needs the best.

McGibbon Construction has been the No. 1 deck builder in San Francisco since 2008 and has been building decks for almost two decades. McGibbon decks are a popular commodity in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Decks and railings

Whether you are interested in a:

  • Hanging or platform deck
  • Cantilevered or roof deck
  • Floating or hillside deck
  • Redwood or composite deck
  • FSC-certified or ipe deck

McGibbon Construction has designed and installed them all. Every deck comes with a seal of approval for your peace of mind. McGibbon Construction can also maintain and repair your new deck for years to come.

When you choose McGibbon Construction as your deck builder, you get railings that are strong, safe, beautiful, and always built to code. The team is experienced with vertical picket-style, horizontal, glass, and cable railings.

Many people mistakenly think that building a deck is a simple process. They hire an inexperienced contractor, only to find that they have been waiting longer than anticipated while their bank account was drained.

An experienced deck contractor will save you a lot of money in the end. Your project will go more smoothly and quickly. You will see the difference in quality at every stage of construction and for many years afterward.

McGibbon Construction can help you with:

  • Wood Decks
  • Composite Decks
  • Framing
  • Foundations and Concrete
  • Exterior Siding and Waterproofing
  • General Construction
  • TIC to Condo Conversions

Redwood Decks

By far the most popular deck material in the Bay Area, redwood simply glows in the California sun. Redwood makes for a very appealing deck and railing.

Pros: economical, easy to install, readily available, FSC-certified (replanted), stainable, esthetically pleasing, paintable, inexpensive railing options, good price range

Cons: softer, requires maintenance

Cedar Decks

Cedar is less popular than redwood in the San Francisco Bay Area but every bit as beautiful. Untreated cedar holds its yellow tones much better than redwood does.

Pros: retains color well, easy to install, readily available, durable, good price range

Cons: costly, requires maintenance

Brazilian hardwood (ipe) decks

Growing in popularity in the Bay Area, Brazilian hardwood is very durable, dense wood. Marina-grade ipe lumber is so dense that it can be installed in the wettest of areas.

This beautiful wood from the Brazilian rainforests has a variety of undertones, ranging from dark and light brown to yellow, green, and red. Ipe is a favorite of McGibbon Construction, as the finished product, when installed professionally, looks amazing.

Pros: esthetically pleasing, durable, versatile, readily available

Cons: expensive, difficult to install, requires maintenance, matching railing options are expensive, not FSC-certified (difficult to track its origins through the importation process)

Composite Decks

The first synthetic decks were slippery and had a fake, plastic look. You have far more choices today than when composite decking first came on the market. Find out all about the benefits of installing a composite deck.


  • Good price range.
  • Good range of colors.
  • Look of real woodgrain.
  • New anti-slip surfaces.
  • Strong warranties.
  • Hidden fixings.
  • Durability.
  • No maintenance.
  • Readily available.


  • Top lines can be costly.
  • Lower lines may look cheap.
  • Some products are slippery when wet.
  • Railing options can be costly.

How a composite deck can outperform a wooden deck:

Wood is natural, and for the longest time, it was the only reasonable choice for building a deck. However, many synthetic materials are available now that make wood unnecessary. Composite decks can outperform wood decks on several key points:

Low maintenance

The number-one reason for installing a composite deck is the maintenance factor. Wood requires much more care than synthetic materials. When you choose composite, you choose freedom, which means:

  • No need to paint.
  • No need to seal.
  • No need to stain.
  • No algae.
  • No decay.
  • No mold.
  • No splinters.
  • No splitting.
  • No insect infestations.
  • No warping.

Good looks

If you are worried about trading looks for convenience, there is no need to worry. Today's composite materials are almost indistinguishable from treated wood.

Your composite deck keeps its color for years or decades, even with high sun exposure and little care. It has a smooth, even surface which mimics look and feel of natural wood. The most modern options offer natural-looking grains, nonslip textures, and a wide range of colors.

Economy / return on investment

In San Francisco, a deck gives you more living space year-round, at far less expense than an addition. That increase in space adds equity to your home if you ever decide to sell.

Easy installation

Because composite decks are easy to install, you can start relaxing and entertaining on your deck quickly. Hidden clips facilitate installation, eliminate unsightly screw holes, and result in a more consistent surface.

Lightweight composite decking is easy to saw and place. Finally, no staining or sealing is required.


A final reason to consider composite decks is the durability and reliability of the materials. Composite products carry an excellent warranty—some up to 25 years—against burns, scratches, stains, and so forth.


At McGibbon Construction our team of framing experts have installed framing in many different types of homes in the Bay Area. Framing is the second step to building your dream home or addition to your home after the foundation is complete. It is of vital importance to execute the framing stage perfectly accurate because everything in your home and even your decks outside your home are intrinsically linked to the framing.

If the framing isn't plumb,level and square the chances of everything else being correct are slim to none. If the framing is of poor quality the finish stages of the project will find many problems causing a knock on effect on budget and time allocation needed to complete the project. Notable effects of bad framing include, doors and windows will find problems during installation and consequently problems with operation after installation. Drywall wont be flat. Floor can squeak and ceilings look wavy to name but a few.

Types of framing we work on include:

  • Deck framing
  • Single and multi-family
  • Residential
  • Remodeling
  • Additions
  • New construction.

We specialize in:

  • Wood and metal framing
  • Steel beams and columns
  • Moment Frames Engineered lumber
  • Structural beams
  • Load transfers Simpson Strong Tie Hardware
  • * Earthquake retrofitting.

* We specialize in seismic upgrades related to the mandatory seismic retrofit program ordinance. For every dollar spent on earthquake damage prevention now, $6 are saved on post earthquake repairs.


McGibbon Construction know all too well the importance of a solid foundation. This is why all our structures are built with emphasis being placed on "From The Ground Up" Our foundation skills are second to none with fast and meticulous rebar tying and beautiful concrete finish, whether we are building a multi-level deck or home, a retaining wall or a foundation stem wall we always provide it with an official detail stamp of approval from McGibbon Construction. Building on top of our foundations sets up the framing stage with a beautifully smooth transition from concrete to wood and our framing structures, even the novice eye will notice the attention to detail every time.


People generally like to emphasis the importance of one stage of the building process over another. We here at McGibbon Construction refrain from this as each step in the process is as important as the next and we understand how they are integrally connected. That being said, we know we do not have to emphasis the importance of waterproofing your home against water or moisture damage. The consequences of neglecting this stage of construction speaks for itself. With many years of experience in this field and having experienced the worst of situations in regards to water damage - we have helped many clients with a solution to their usually persistent water issues where other contractors have continually failed. It’s not rocket science, we start at the top and work our way down. This is always the correct way forward and proves to be the correct procedure year after year. Let us help you cure that incurable water penetration that you haven't been able to figure out until now.

We have extensive experience in:

  • Wood and exterior siding  
  • All types of Moisture membranes including Tyvek and Blueskin
  • Metal flashing for Roofs, windows and doors, and sill plates
  • Door flash pans and mud sills
  • Door and window trim All Bitutane products.

General construction

Much more than a deck builder, McGibbon Construction is a B-licensed general construction company with years of experience in all aspects of construction, including:

  • Full remodels.
  • Additions.
  • Framing (residential/commercial).
  • Windows.
  • Doors.
  • Lighting and electrical.
  • Plumbing.
  • Painting.
  • Decorating.

TIC to condo conversion

McGibbon Construction has handled many tenancy-in-common conversions. Leave the work to experts who can put your mind at rest during this potentially stressful process.

You are guaranteed to save money by choosing McGibbon over an inexperienced contractor:

  • Reducing inspection fees.
  • Completing only the work that needs to be done in an efficient manner.
  • Navigating city restrictions.
  • Cleaning up your title/R3.

We Create Experiences

McGibbon Construction creates structures that are strong, safe and user friendly, we are strongly focused toward usability and end users satisfaction. We look forward to working with you.

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