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We are a Deck Builder General Construction company who specialize in Foundations/Concrete, Deck and Home wood framing and home exterior membrane and siding installation and waterproofing. We truly are a genuine "From The Ground Up" construction company who can take you through every stage of the construction process. Our extensive experience in deck construction and love of all things deck related is what sets us apart from our competitors and is what keeps customers coming back year after year.

We believe that exceptional customer service is the foundation of a successful project and is the reason for McGibbon Constructions unparalleled success.. For this reason we make every project a priority and as a result guarantee you complete customer satisfaction. McGibbon Construction is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and we invite you to research our company, our many affiliations and speak to previous clients before you hire us.

We are confident you will like what you hear.

Our Team Is Your Team

And we mean that literally. With all hands on board, if and when it is needed, our team will work for you until your project is complete and they wont leave until you are 100% happy. That is our guarantee to you.

Building is our passion.

McGibbon Construction DECKS AND HOMES are built on solid foundations, with impeccably accurate frames and seamlessly put together finishes.


100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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Who Is McGibbon Construction

We've been working together a long time - since 2008, in fact. . We are a rock solid team of carpenters and concrete masons with many years of construction experience who all reside in the greater bay area.

Meet the owner

Desi McGibbon has been redefining the General Construction category in the bay area since 2008. He brings with him a business degree from Brunel University, a lifetime of experience in the construction industry and a natural flair and appreciation for Deck construction. Desi started as a carpenter and after several years as a B license general contractor he naturally gravitated towards deck construction which in turn organically developed to encompass framing and concrete disciplines.

Desi has been told many times his passion for deck construction comes across to all our clients and we believe you can seen this all our finished projects, His natural enthusiasm is infectious to all our employees and helps create a very positive energy on all of our job sites.

Our Network

With a balanced blend of quality craftsmen and materials, green building practices and working alongside some of the best architects in the region we stop at nothing to ensure that your project is perfect every time and for every occasion.

Allow us to help you benefit from our long nurtured relationships and contacts within the construction industry to make your project not only a success but financially competitive also.

We Create Experiences

McGibbon Construction creates structures that are strong, safe and user friendly, we are strongly focused toward usability and end users satisfaction. We look forward to working with you.

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